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Talib Kweli - To the Music Lyrics (Ft. Maino)

To the Music Lyrics
by Talib Kweli Ft. Maino

[Intro: Talib Kweli]
(To the music)
Go 'head (What?) go 'head (Yeah) go 'head (Foundation, y'all)
Brooklyn New York is most certainly in the building (Worldwide, baby)
Yeah, go 'head, go 'head, go 'head
Hey ?, turn it up man
9th Wonder in the house, let's go

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
First rule of the party: respect the DJ
Second rule, if he's got the girls dancin', respect what he play
(Wait a second) Or she play, the woman is the womb
We in the moon with the sky whisperin' to you
She carryin' a sword, like she Joan of Arc
Dude got a Napoleon complex, they bone a part
When I throw them darts, I hit her in the heart
The livest love survive the flood like Noah's arc
Faded, but still jaded enough to be cautious
That's why I never force it, I'm sure she receive offers
Forever she go, clever wherever she go often
Dancin' all night, it's like she's never exhausted
Better forfeit if she's too much to handle
She ? open, now they're runnin' both ends of the candle
No I ain't like the rest of the dudes, please don't get it confused
You gave me rhythm cause my heart beat (To the music)

[Hook: Talib Kweli]
And when them other broads get jealous
She stuntin' on 'em like Liz Taylor
(Listen to the music)
Cross the floor like Grace Kelly
Not a care in the world, ain't nothin' they could tell me
(Listen to the music)

[Verse 2: Maino]
I got you Kweli! Maino
We only here once, let's live it out
All black ?, glass tinted out
Whole club packed, broads and the liquor
The more patron, the more damage to my liver
Standin' on the couch with my niggas
Screamin' in they ear, "Yeah! We gon' live forever!"
Damn I wish this moment last forever
Or long enough for us to have a moment to remember
Been around the world, lived the crazy life
Shorty said she heard stories, I was hella trife
She said her ex-man was locked up with me
And she know a girl that used to stay in touch with me
It's a small world, girl, now let's make a toast
To the rest of the night, all we need is hope
Hopin' that the liquor gettin' to her head
Hopin' that we wake up in the same bed, yup


[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
So gorgeous that I couldn't ignore it
To let this opportunity pass by, I know I couldn't afford it
We add a chapter to the life story
I turned around, seen her movin' across the floor headin' right for me
You're sexy and plus you get the raper
They throwin' ice, you slide on 'em like a figure skater
This nigga greater, a demonstrator, I make you come
To my world where your body language is my native tongue
It's like a wave how you rollin', I keep it goin'
We movin' in slo-motion like we walkin' on the floor of the ocean
It's like you floatin', I got you explodin'
Keepin' it tight, I'm like the thief in the night, every moment is stolen
Gotta know when to go in and when to let it go
Gotta know when to chill and when to let her know
Men have groupies, but women have stalkers
She only tryin' to release endorphins


Talib Kweli on this motherfucker, we ridin' out, baby!
Hear how this bitch sound?
We rollin', man

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