Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joell Ortiz - Look at Me Now Lyrics

It ain't no fun if the … can't have none
It ain't no fun if the … can't have none
problems with orgies, now you know who I'm that
...laugh in the mirror, yeah nigger fall back
I lost my marbles, lost my scrupols, lost my beans
lost my temper loosing everything man I'm so lost flight 815
look at how time flies I'm 45 before 8:15
If I stay this mean I'ma appear nine deep and the one to the 993
I'ma make this cream, ...blowing 2004 I'ma take this seem
my storm with the waves on me, when I'm going too look up
everything I say in between 2 songs I make the shape of a letter
J O E L, don't forget the second L man I hate it when you spell it that way
Listen to the great rhyme and I'm great as a...time
Add another La cause without power on a base line, what the deal?
Now want me to give it real, want the shit to get killed?

Want me to write it a will? That's really how you feel?
Hi Jill, I'ma meet a couple of spears for my grill
but I better feel, but I better … so they saw the hills
...let's make a will
You know about Sebastian, in my passion for rapping
get your had bashing for bad fashion will happen if you laughin
...crack it...double the action with no package...smack in your face

Then I suggest you relax, hear they you're the best …
Don't get dumbo with the mumbo jumbo I'm a violent mambo like a track with Omega
Street fight ... the guy never had to scrap with vega… listen to me, listen to him
it's like ps4 going back to sega
Nigger shut up, you still play sega nigger, do I don't
Nigger you still play genesis, nigger, no I don't hahaha.

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